Welcome to The Embrace & Expand Community

About The Community

The Embrace and Expand Community is a unique online space with like-minded individuals who share a common goal: to become the best version of themselves. When we come together and work with a unified intention we can achieve so much more than when we go it alone. 

This community is based upon the philosophy that we have evolved as a species by being in community and it is time to join together once again. To heal with one another, to grow with one another, to learn with one another and to expand with one another.

This is a space where everyone can share their voice to be heard and seen by people who are walking the same path. This is a space where anyone can share their gifts and their unique light so that we can continue to embrace all that we are and expand into the best version of ourselves.

Community Offerings

  • Weekly Community Connection Calls
  • Bi-weekly Breathwork/Healing Sessions
  • Daily Practices to assist you on your healing journey

             Plus Access & Discounts to: 

  • Special Events, Guest Speakers, Presentations, and upcoming courses

In The Embrace & Expand Community you will be able to participate in weekly Community Connection Calls and bi-weekly Breathwork/Healing sessions. These calls and sessions are designed to help each of us to dive deeper into ourselves while joining together to build a community of like-minded people.

As community members you will also have exclusive access to Daily Practices, receive discounts for upcoming special events and courses, and be the first know when we begin launching in-person meetups. 

Community Guidelines

Please take note of these few guidelines and simple community etiquette:

1. This space is for everyone. We welcome all human beings into this divine space of community. 

2. Please respect your fellow community members privacy and keep all personal shares confidential and do not sure with those outside of the space. 

3. Please be sensitive to others and give any necessary content warnings on your posts. 

4. All the content shared in the community belongs to Embrace & Expand. Please do not share it outside of the community without permission from your hosts. 

5. Be kind, speak from your heart, and enjoy this beautiful online human experience. 

* If you have any questions or concerns please bring them directly to Adam or Rachel. 

Thank you

Thank you to each and every one of you for joining this community. The Embrace & Expand Community exists because of you, and is built just for you. We are so grateful that you have chosen to be a part of this special community space.